Sport Marketing Class

Marketing is one of the most important factors when building a brand or a new product. There are many different targets you can market too. From different generations, races, and likes, there are infinite ways to specifically market to people. Maybe some people don’t really see how much marketing is done behind the sports industry.  Throughout our class I have learned many aspects of sport marketing, and how much work is actually put into it. In this day, your brand is the most important factor, and will help you be successful.

Sport product is the complex package of intangible and tangible. There are many different extensions that go into sport product, ranging from advertising, events, and magazines. Its all about exposure, and really getting your products out there. Throughout the semester, we would reference back to Darlow and how he describes the Oregon Ducks. After completing the paper on the Oregon Ducks, it really opened my eyes about how sport marketing is growing. Also, how there is a new trendy way to really push your product to recruits, parents, alumni, and students. The things I enjoyed the most in the class, was how Professor Conrad related every term of sport marketing to a Wesleyan level. It really helped me grasp the actual meaning of each term, and how they work in our own athletics.

While completing our final presentation about marketing the Men’s Soccer team, it really opened my eyes about things that we don’t do correctly. Firstly, we have poor social media approach and poor advertising. Also, we don’t recognize our accomplishments as much as we should. The overall goal is to get more fans engaged in our games and events, and really follow us as a team. This is one thing that I can takeaway from this class and use in my real life. Figuring out how to market a specific team, and what ways I can accomplish it. The second thing I can take away from this class, is how to properly run a sports blog. My major is Sports Business, so I feel like getting on a blog early, will really help me in the long run. As stated above, Professor Conrad really explained sport marketing on the West Virginia Wesleyan scale, so if I am marketing for a small college, I have some knowledge on how to do it. Finally, one of the things I can really take away from the class, is all the real world examples professor Conrad used. She talked about her actual experiences with marketing, and it was good to hear about some actual experiences in the industry. I feel like I am more knowledgeable in the sports marketing industry, and I can use these real life examples to help me in the long run.

When looking back through the semester, we did a lot of work, but it was a really enjoyable class. Sports marketing is something I am really interested in getting into. I feel like taking this class really helped me decide on what I wanted to do with my career.



The Oregon Ducks

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The University of Oregon is known for their crazy color ways, and special marketing promotions. If you didn’t know, They are leading the way with the most innovative and successful ways to market their brand out to the world. The Ducks, is what they go by. How are they so successful in sport marketing and capturing all these very talented recruits?

Firstly, if you have never read the book called Brands win Championships by Darlow, you really should. He goes into depth about how the University of Oregon markets their product to the world. Their athletic program has a very rich history. Recently, they were just in the NCAA Basketball Final Four, which generates millions of dollars and viewers every year. When they play in these games, and look good doing it, they help influence the decisions of these recruits.  The Ducks are known for their crazy uniform color schemes. You can pick them out of the crow with their bright green colors. Also, they are sponsored by Nike, which HQ out of Oregon. So, they work closely with the Nike HQ and is able to do some thing other team aren’t.

Image result for oregon ducks uniforms\

Look at the uniform picture above. This is a big item they use to help get these five star recruits. Promoting these types of uniforms, with the recruit’s number or name on them could win anyone over. The Duck’s take pride in their uniform schemes, and evidently they wear a different uniform in every game.  This really helps build a brand identity for themselves. Also, they have the most up-to-date training facilities in the United States. This is also a great way to attract incoming students and possible recruits to their university and hopefully committing.

When you looking at the different levels of sport marketing, your not always just promoting to the recruit or the student. Colleges in the United States survive from donations from Alumni. One way they have been successful is because of their winning success.  When Alumni see that their school is winning, they will perhaps donate more money or more frequently. This is one way the Ducks help promote to their alumni.

Yes, you might not believe in all of this new age marketing concept, but it actually works. Look at all the big name schools like Clemson, Alabama, and Oregon. They are all known for their standout logo, and school colors. With the Millennials now the new main target audience, these types of Universities have been using more up-to-date techniques in order to market themselves.  Us Millenial’s we like trendy, new, and exotic items and concepts. Overall, when you see the Oregon Duck logo, you know instantly what college they are from. From their bright exotic color ways, to their fast-paced offensive plays in Football. The Oregon Ducks are the most successful University when it comes to sport marketing. It’s all about building the brand, and the Ducks have done that. Look for more success in the future because with Nike sponsoring them, anything can be possible.

Flyers Wives Carnival

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The Philadelphia Flyers, a professional hockey team in the NHL. They are based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and are my favorite hockey team. Throughout the year, the Flyers do promotional events to reach out to the fans, and really interact with them. They are very goodwill driven, because most of the time these players are doing this on their own time. I remember one time, being at the mall, there were two players signing autographs and taking photos with the fan. This organization loves to give back to their fans.
One of the biggest events they do every year, is the Flyers Wives Fight for Lives carnival. This year, it is their 40th anniversary of this event.  The Flyers wives Carnival is one of the oldest and most successful one-day events hosted by a professional sports franchise. The Flyers ives Fight for Lives Carnival is a genuine family affair that involves the participation of the Flyers’ players, management, staff, alumni, and friends. The first carnival was held February 1st, 1977. Later that year, one of the Flyers’ own, Barry Ashbee, died of Leukemia, with his death came a truly heartfelt focus to the Flyers Wives Carnival. This event offers families a fun-filled afternoon at a very reasonable price, all for a good cause. Fans have the opportunity to meet Flyers players on a very personal level and receive autographs and photos with players and alumni. Some of these activities include interactive games against players, shoot on goal, and even a Ferris Wheel and Carousel on ice!


This is a fantastic event held by the Flyers organization every year. Flyers Charities proudly supports a multitude of worthy non-profit organizations that provide educational and recreational resources to underserved youth, engage in important and medical research, and countless community development initiative throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. This one event is has tons of sponsors, which include: Comcast, Aramark, Toyota, AAA, ADP, Office depot, and so many others! Flyers charities have donated over $26 million to charity.

Another major thing in the Flyers organization is the Ed Snider Hockey Club. They draw students from 349 different schools, and have devoted to over 14,226 academic hours. There are currently 3000+ kids enrolled in the Hockey Club, and it continues to get bigger every year. Snider Hockey provides academic services, a nationally acclaimed life-skills curriculum, mentoring, and structured athletic programs that offer underserved urban youth the opportunity to engage in safe, healthy, and challenging activities that teach and breed success.

Along with 5k Runs that help support breast cancer, and other charities, the Philadelphia Flyers is one of the leading organizations when it comes to goodwill. All of the events they host and mentor are about giving back to the community and the people who aren’t as gifted as others. Its always a great thing when organizations like this take such pride in the events they promote and do across their community. That is how you really get fans to stay loyal to you, and people to really love your organization.


The Five Senses and Branding

Yes, you read it right, the five senses do play a big part with customer interaction with brands. If you are not familiar with the senses, they are see, touch, smell, taste, and hear. Different brands target different senses in order to get to their customers on different levels. With specific sounds, smells, or sights, marketers hope to intensify perceptions of brands. A blog post by Evan Brown describes how these marketers are using sensory branding to really target their customers. Here is the blog post:

Firstly, I am going to talk about smell. 75% of the emotions we generate on a daily basis are affected by smell. Brands like Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister are popular for their branding through smell. For example, when you walk through the mall and you decide to step into one of these stores, you instantly smell their brand. Its not their brand your smelling, but the distinct odor that comes from all of their stores. These certain smells is what brings customers to the store because they are familiar with them. Smells can affect consumer behavior because they help bring positive opinions, and perhaps gives you more patience to stand in that long line.

When you talk about hearing a brand, you might think about that catchy commercial jingle that you can sing along too every time it comes on. These practices are used a lot in order to capture customers, because they are so catchy and intriguing. Also, the music that is played in these stores. Research shows that restaurants that play soft and slow music are able to make patrons spend considerably more time and money than restaurants that play high paced music. So, yes sounds do play a factor in consumer behavior.

Sight, is the most important sense when it comes to marketing to customers. This is the first thing that the customer sees, from the brand logo, to the type of merchandise that is being advertised. 83% of the information people retain is received visually. When you think of brands, you thin of the colors that go with them. For example, when you see Coca-Cola you can put red and white with that logo. A simple and clean image of the brand is most helpful when gaining customer attention.

Its hard to pair every brand with the sense of taste. Most of these brands that involve taste are food companies. Some successful brands have used sampling in order to get their tastes to customers who have never tried it. Also, when you think of your favorite cheese burger from Burger King, your mouth begins to water because of that specific taste you are used too. Taste is very important, because if someone is unhappy with the taste, then they might not be a returning customer.

Last but not least, is touch or feel. Physical proximity to a product has a significant bearing on shaping purchase decisions. Some successful companies to incorporate feel, use detailed and vivid packaging when shipping their products. For example, Tiffany Company uses elegant colors and detailed packaging with their products.

When looking at Wesleyan, there are some things that we can improve on based on sensory branding. First off, when I think of Wesleyan sports, I think of the crowd that comes out. If we had a better crowd come out to the game, I feel like our sports would be more successful. You can link that to the sense, hearing. Also, our brand identity with sight could be improved also. When you think of big time schools like Clemson and when you see their logo, you know who it is. I feel like if we worked on our brand identity more, we could get more recruits and be more successful in athletics.







Sports Marketing with Millennials

Sport Marketing has completely changed over the past 20 years. Before, it was all about winning and history. Now, with a new batch of consumers in the market, you must take a different approach. The new batch of consumers are called millennials. A millennial is a person reaching young adult hood in the early 21st century. These types of consumers, have a whole different mind set. They like sexy color uniforms, half-time performances, media give-aways, and a ton of other things. The video I posted below, shows the entire side of sport marketing with mileennials.

In this presentation, Michael focused on content creation, fan engagement, brand building, and revenue generation. He is the Digitial Platforms leader, and Vice President of the Milwaukee Bucks. The main goal of what he performs every night, is to make sure that the fans who attend a Buck’s game have an unforgettable experience. In the video he describes a spectrum of Buck’s fans. The first one is the heavy user, the person who plays fantasy sports and really likes basketball. The second one is the casual consumer who comes to games but not too often. The last one is the very casual fan, who comes out for the entertainment, or because a friend brought them.

Their target is to make sure that the Buck’s grow their audience, and make them come back through digital platform. Since the millenial’s are so media-oriented, they really target media hard. From fan give-aways, to fan interaction with players, keeping the fans interested and connected is the most important part. Buck’s basketball is going through a youth movement, which fits well with the type of consumers in the market currently.

I really found this presentation very interesting, because of how marketing is changing rapidly. Also, listening to first-hand experience from a professional is currently ruling the market. From the presentation, I took away 2 really important things. The first one, is how he explained the business side of the Buck’s cant determine whether or not they will lose their next basketball game. They can only grow the brand, keep constant fan-engagement and growing consumers. These factors can help keep the team alive, even if they are not winning as much as the fans wish they would. The second important factor I got from this presentation, is that there is a real youth movement going on in the NBA. With the new uprising players from different countries, the NBA is really pushing hard and marketing to the youth. Also, they are very strong Nationally, because of the diversity of players in the NBA. Over 100 players currently in the NBA are from another country. So, the NBA has pushed hard on a national level, like having games in London. Trying to scout out these players from other countries really takes time and money. Now that the NBA is growing, it is becoming much easier, and they are finding these international players who have turned into NBA stars.

Overall, the sport marketing world is rapidly growing, especially with a youth movement. The Buck’s use their best assets like Jabari Parker, and the Greek Freak, to really push hard at millenials. The average age of the bucks is 23.3 years old, which is in the timeframe of a millennial. So, this is the marketing approach the Buck’s use to grasp the millenial’s attention and really market to them.


Philadelphia Eagles Advertisements

The Philadelphia Eagles are  professional sports organization in the NFL. Located in the heart of south Philadelphia, there are some very passionate fans that support this team. Each year, they release a promotional video, a hype video you could say. It’s intent is to get the fans ready for the incoming season. There are different marketing tools used in these videos. Here is the first one.


Tell me you don’t get the goose bumps when you watch this video. Now imagine if your a die hard fan, it would be unreal. In this advertisement, they target both consumer state-of-mind and state-of-being segmentation. Firstly, state-of-being has to do with the product’s benefit and usage. An advertisement like this is used to help push for ticket sales. After watching this video, fans will be more encouraged to purchase tickets to a game. From this, the consumer will benefit by getting entertainment, and allow them to live out their passion as a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Fans go to games, just so they can show that they support their team. When it comes to state-of-mind segmentation, that is diving the consumers by personality traits, lifestyle characteristics, attitudes, and interests. So, this advertisement is pushing for the average football fan, that supports the Eagles. Usually, if you watch a video like this, you are interested in the team.

The next advertisement, takes a bit of a similar path to the first one. Here it is.


In this advertisement, it is focusing on the fans they have not captured yet. Throughout the video, they talk about how great people from Philadelphia are, and the passion the city has for its sports. So, even if your not a football fan, this advertisement will get you thinking about it. State-of-being factors in this advertisement has to do with being apart of your city. They are trying to say that it is your obligation, to attend one of these games, if you are in the Philadelphia area. Also, they target more of a younger crowd, by using such vivid images of children playing football. Unlike the other advertisement, this one targets the low usage consumers. Using Philadelphia as their target, rather than football fans. It’s good to target low usage consumers, so that once you get them to the game, they will continue to come back. These types of consumers have a good attitude towards their team because everyone locally supports them. So, you feel obligated to support them as well. Even though the video is only a minute long, there’s a ton of information from a marketing standpoint through the video.

Overall, the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to target emotions and feelings. With Philadelphia being such a passionate sports city, using this marketing strategy has been successful. Personally, when I watch these videos, I get really excited about Philadelphia Eagles football. Even though I am a major consumer, these types of videos can still get the low consumers interested. Getting the whole city of Philadelphia interested is the most important thing.


Tyler Gleason







The Power of Pogba

Paul Pogba, one of the most iconic football players in the world. He has recently teamed up with Adidas soccer to create some sick boots. The commercial I posted above, is the start of his endorsement with Adidas.  This is a great marketing plan because it uses external and internal factors to influence the buyer’s purchase behavior.

Firstly, Paul Pogba is 23 year old French soccer sensation. He began his career at Juventus Football club,  where he tore up the league. He was then transferred to the premier league on a 89million euros contract, which was a world record. Manchester United are currently 6th in the table in the premier league. It hasn’t been the season everyone was expecting out of Pogba, but in his first season from transferring from a different country, what do you expect? He has been average in most appearances for Manchester United. Especially with the amount of money he was transferred for. So why did adidas decide to use Pogba as an icon for their soccer boots? Just look at the commercial it’s awesome! They decided to use a slogan and called it “I’m here to create”. So, adidas used Pogba, a sports icon in the soccer world. Using a athlete on a commercial has showed wonders for the sports marketing world. Just look at the contract Nike gave Lebron James, close to 1 billion dollars.  Giving the brand an identity with Pogba, helps influence fans to purchase cleats made by adidas.

Also, this commercial also aims at people of the French descent. Some of the words spoken are French. This aims at a huge number of people, because France is a huge soccer country. They are always competing at the World Cup, and making it to the final rounds. Everyone in France knows the name Pogba, so they will be familiar with his name.

Using the learning theory, this commercial uses emotional and environmental influences. Towards the end of the commercial, you can hear the crowd chanting Pogba’s name. This targets emotions because at that moment of time, when you are chanting his name, you feel an emotion. A passion for the player, and the football club.  Also, the commercial uses an environmental influence by placing the video in France. In parts, Pogba is playing through the streets and fields of France. This helps target consumers in France because they are familiar with the location, and become comfortable with the product.

Overall, this commercial by Adidas was a step in the right direction. They have targeted a lot of consumers by this commercial, and the endorsement of Paul Pogba. Tagged up with the words “I’m here to create” so I guess we can expect a lot of things coming from Adidas that has Pogba’s name written all over it. To be honest, im excited to see what they bring to the table. As the millennial’s get older, this is the kind of environment they will be buying from. The Young, and trending sports superstars or national icons.

Trust the Proccess?


The Philadelphia 76ers, one of the most interesting basketball franchises in the past couple years. Mostly known for ‘tanking’ or losing on purpose to gain top 5 lottery draft picks. But, what is the process? You may hear people chanting this during 76ers game this season. Did they finally get the superstar they needed in order to start winning? Us fans certainly hope so, because we are tired of losing so much!

It all started around 2013, when they began to ship their players out for draft picks. The first one to go was Andre Igoudala, who is not a NBA champion. He was the ‘face’ of the franchise, but never got us deep into the playoffs. So, they got rid of him, Jrue Holiday, Michael Carter-Williams, and other young players. Their goal: To get the #1 draft pick in the NBA draft. Team owner at the time, Sam Hinkie, was so set on this plan, and decided to take 3 years of less then 20wins a season to finally understand, this is not working. So, he was fired.

In 2014, Joel Embiid, the big man from Kentucky was in the top 3 of the draft picks. Unfortunately, he hurt his ankle prior to the NBA draft, which allowed the 76ers to pick him up at the #3 spot. We wouldn’t see him until the start of the season, but boy is he good. After setbacks, he finally was active in the beginning of the 2016-2017 NBA season, and us fans were ready to see what he could do. We had just gotten the #1 overall pick, Ben Simmons, who looks like he is going to be a star. BUT HE GOT HURT TOO!!! The curse lives on in Philly, with our draft picks. But, don’t fret, the 76ers are on the right track. With young players like Nerlens Noel, Jahlil Okafor, Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Dario Saric and others, they just need a couple veterans to complete the team. This season, we have seen a new 76ers, with a new, winning attitude. Mainly, because of this guy, Joel Embiid, aka THE PROCESS. He has been getting buzz all over the NBA from different players, and teams, and coaches. He has won Eastern Conference Rookie of the Month 2 times, and also Eastern Player of the week. Just imagine, what the Sixers are going to look like when we have a full, healthy team.

For the first time since 2012, the 76ers have won 3 games in a row, and are winner of the last 8 out of 10. They are currently 17-28, but are on track to more games then the last 3 seasons combined. Don’t worry Philly fans, our good times are coming in basketball! And to anyone who stuck around, to watch “THE PROCESS” happen, kudos to you. Ive been a fan my whole life, and even supported this team at its lows, because I know, we will win again. So, hold on tight Philadelphia Fans! THE PROCESS IS HERE, and READY TO WIN. Atleast we home grow our players, instead of buying them with 100 million dollar contracts.

I’m ready to see what the rest of the season has in store, and to watch The Process develop into a lethal playmaker who can hopefully lead us to the promise land!

Jerry Rice Controversy


Jerry Rice, born on October 3rd, 1962, is a former National Football League star who played 20 seasons. Majority of these seasons were with the San Francisco 49ers. Arguably one of the best wide receivers in NFL history, and is definitely on my top 5 of all time football players. So why am I talking about Jerry Rice?  Recently he decided to do an endorsement with Popeye’s, and starred on one of their commercials. Apparently an African American football star, In a commercial about chicken is terrible in the eyes of some Americans.  I find it out absolutely outrageous that people are digging deeper into this commercial then needed.

Here Is the commercial in case you have not watched it.


What do you first think of when you watch this commercial? After looking at the comments, and some reaction videos I am disgusted. People find any reason possible to cause a controversy. Is there such a problem with an African American being on a commercial for Popeyes? But at the end of the day, he’s getting millions for this commercial? Stereotyping has always existed in the world, whether your African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, Gay, Blue, Green , or whatever makes you stand out and makes other people jealous. I find this commercial pretty good from a marketing standpoint, because they introduced one of the greatest to play football, while the NFL playoffs are going on. Maybe there is a couple things in the video they could have changed, but I do not at all think that this video puts Jerry Rice to shame. I think people who find this video disturbing or racist needs to step back and look at the big picture. Also, why does the stereotype with chicken just exist with African Americans? In every culture, people eat chicken in different forms and ways. I guess people really need to grow up and let go of these stereotypes because they really do not exist. Regardless of the color of your skin, we are all equal. If there was a Caucasian football star on the commercial instead of Jerry Rice, I doubt there would be any kind of controversy. It goes to show how educated people are in the United States nowadays.

At the end of the day, I don’t feel like this video was anything worth arguing for. There are way more issues out there that need to be fixed. Popeye’s took a good approach in trying to market through sports, and an iconic sports figure. Lets focus on more important issues on diversity and stereotyping!


An introduction!


Hello! My name is Tyler Gleason and I am a sports business major here at West Virginia Wesleyan College. I am a senior, soccer player from New Jersey. I am currently a soccer player here at the beautiful campus of West Virginia Wesleyan College. I also enjoy playing basketball and hockey.  The purpose of this blog is to inform and discuss controversial  sports topics. Also, to show my audiences I really know what  I am talking about. Everyday, there is some new important news in the sports industry. Whether  its the Charges moving back to Los Angeles, or the Cleveland Cavaliers making a big trade for Kyle Korver.  I am a die hard sports fan, growing up I was a Philadelphia everything fan. I remember as a little boy, I would go to all types of sporting events in Philadelphia. Every Christmas, thanksgiving, we were on the couch, watching football, basketball, and other events. When it comes to College basketball and football, I always watch these exciting games. My favorite college basketball team is the Villanova Wildcats! I remember the days when they had Scottie Renolds, and they were killing it! Did you know that they just won the National Championship last year? For college football, the multi billion dollar industry, I follow the Penn State Nitany Lions. If you weren’t aware, they just lost in the Rose Bowl a couple weeks ago. Sports are in my blood, and I think I will be an athelete my whole life. Whether I’m playing in the Sunday league, or an all-adult league, you will find me on the court, field, or pitch!

So, with my degree, and my minor in communications, I really want to work somewhere in the sports world. From being an inside reporter for FOX sports or ESPN, to broadcasting and developing marketing strategies for professional teams. I really enjoy talking about any sport, and I have a lot of knowledge on any sport! I hope to find myself one day behind a microphone, discussing, talking, and arguing about sports. My dream job would to work for CSN Philadelphia, reporting live from the locker rooms, post game shows, and insider information about any team! I feel like I would make a good analyst or reporter because I never back down. I will bring my passion to any job or function I am at, and I feel like that will put me above the rest.

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