Philadelphia Eagles Advertisements

The Philadelphia Eagles are  professional sports organization in the NFL. Located in the heart of south Philadelphia, there are some very passionate fans that support this team. Each year, they release a promotional video, a hype video you could say. It’s intent is to get the fans ready for the incoming season. There are different marketing tools used in these videos. Here is the first one.


Tell me you don’t get the goose bumps when you watch this video. Now imagine if your a die hard fan, it would be unreal. In this advertisement, they target both consumer state-of-mind and state-of-being segmentation. Firstly, state-of-being has to do with the product’s benefit and usage. An advertisement like this is used to help push for ticket sales. After watching this video, fans will be more encouraged to purchase tickets to a game. From this, the consumer will benefit by getting entertainment, and allow them to live out their passion as a Philadelphia Eagles fan. Fans go to games, just so they can show that they support their team. When it comes to state-of-mind segmentation, that is diving the consumers by personality traits, lifestyle characteristics, attitudes, and interests. So, this advertisement is pushing for the average football fan, that supports the Eagles. Usually, if you watch a video like this, you are interested in the team.

The next advertisement, takes a bit of a similar path to the first one. Here it is.


In this advertisement, it is focusing on the fans they have not captured yet. Throughout the video, they talk about how great people from Philadelphia are, and the passion the city has for its sports. So, even if your not a football fan, this advertisement will get you thinking about it. State-of-being factors in this advertisement has to do with being apart of your city. They are trying to say that it is your obligation, to attend one of these games, if you are in the Philadelphia area. Also, they target more of a younger crowd, by using such vivid images of children playing football. Unlike the other advertisement, this one targets the low usage consumers. Using Philadelphia as their target, rather than football fans. It’s good to target low usage consumers, so that once you get them to the game, they will continue to come back. These types of consumers have a good attitude towards their team because everyone locally supports them. So, you feel obligated to support them as well. Even though the video is only a minute long, there’s a ton of information from a marketing standpoint through the video.

Overall, the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to target emotions and feelings. With Philadelphia being such a passionate sports city, using this marketing strategy has been successful. Personally, when I watch these videos, I get really excited about Philadelphia Eagles football. Even though I am a major consumer, these types of videos can still get the low consumers interested. Getting the whole city of Philadelphia interested is the most important thing.


Tyler Gleason








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