The Oregon Ducks

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The University of Oregon is known for their crazy color ways, and special marketing promotions. If you didn’t know, They are leading the way with the most innovative and successful ways to market their brand out to the world. The Ducks, is what they go by. How are they so successful in sport marketing and capturing all these very talented recruits?

Firstly, if you have never read the book called Brands win Championships by Darlow, you really should. He goes into depth about how the University of Oregon markets their product to the world. Their athletic program has a very rich history. Recently, they were just in the NCAA Basketball Final Four, which generates millions of dollars and viewers every year. When they play in these games, and look good doing it, they help influence the decisions of these recruits.  The Ducks are known for their crazy uniform color schemes. You can pick them out of the crow with their bright green colors. Also, they are sponsored by Nike, which HQ out of Oregon. So, they work closely with the Nike HQ and is able to do some thing other team aren’t.

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Look at the uniform picture above. This is a big item they use to help get these five star recruits. Promoting these types of uniforms, with the recruit’s number or name on them could win anyone over. The Duck’s take pride in their uniform schemes, and evidently they wear a different uniform in every game.  This really helps build a brand identity for themselves. Also, they have the most up-to-date training facilities in the United States. This is also a great way to attract incoming students and possible recruits to their university and hopefully committing.

When you looking at the different levels of sport marketing, your not always just promoting to the recruit or the student. Colleges in the United States survive from donations from Alumni. One way they have been successful is because of their winning success.  When Alumni see that their school is winning, they will perhaps donate more money or more frequently. This is one way the Ducks help promote to their alumni.

Yes, you might not believe in all of this new age marketing concept, but it actually works. Look at all the big name schools like Clemson, Alabama, and Oregon. They are all known for their standout logo, and school colors. With the Millennials now the new main target audience, these types of Universities have been using more up-to-date techniques in order to market themselves.  Us Millenial’s we like trendy, new, and exotic items and concepts. Overall, when you see the Oregon Duck logo, you know instantly what college they are from. From their bright exotic color ways, to their fast-paced offensive plays in Football. The Oregon Ducks are the most successful University when it comes to sport marketing. It’s all about building the brand, and the Ducks have done that. Look for more success in the future because with Nike sponsoring them, anything can be possible.


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