Sport Marketing Class

Marketing is one of the most important factors when building a brand or a new product. There are many different targets you can market too. From different generations, races, and likes, there are infinite ways to specifically market to people. Maybe some people don’t really see how much marketing is done behind the sports industry.  Throughout our class I have learned many aspects of sport marketing, and how much work is actually put into it. In this day, your brand is the most important factor, and will help you be successful.

Sport product is the complex package of intangible and tangible. There are many different extensions that go into sport product, ranging from advertising, events, and magazines. Its all about exposure, and really getting your products out there. Throughout the semester, we would reference back to Darlow and how he describes the Oregon Ducks. After completing the paper on the Oregon Ducks, it really opened my eyes about how sport marketing is growing. Also, how there is a new trendy way to really push your product to recruits, parents, alumni, and students. The things I enjoyed the most in the class, was how Professor Conrad related every term of sport marketing to a Wesleyan level. It really helped me grasp the actual meaning of each term, and how they work in our own athletics.

While completing our final presentation about marketing the Men’s Soccer team, it really opened my eyes about things that we don’t do correctly. Firstly, we have poor social media approach and poor advertising. Also, we don’t recognize our accomplishments as much as we should. The overall goal is to get more fans engaged in our games and events, and really follow us as a team. This is one thing that I can takeaway from this class and use in my real life. Figuring out how to market a specific team, and what ways I can accomplish it. The second thing I can take away from this class, is how to properly run a sports blog. My major is Sports Business, so I feel like getting on a blog early, will really help me in the long run. As stated above, Professor Conrad really explained sport marketing on the West Virginia Wesleyan scale, so if I am marketing for a small college, I have some knowledge on how to do it. Finally, one of the things I can really take away from the class, is all the real world examples professor Conrad used. She talked about her actual experiences with marketing, and it was good to hear about some actual experiences in the industry. I feel like I am more knowledgeable in the sports marketing industry, and I can use these real life examples to help me in the long run.

When looking back through the semester, we did a lot of work, but it was a really enjoyable class. Sports marketing is something I am really interested in getting into. I feel like taking this class really helped me decide on what I wanted to do with my career.




One thought on “Sport Marketing Class”

  1. Tyler… it was awesome having you in class!! I watched my first ever soccer games at Wesleyan this past fall, and I fell in love with the sport. Still don’t understanding all the rules and strategies, but really enjoyed watching the Bobcats!! I’ll be cheering you on this fall, too!!! Keep up the great work, and keep blogging! I’ll still be following you. pc


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