Flyers Wives Carnival

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The Philadelphia Flyers, a professional hockey team in the NHL. They are based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and are my favorite hockey team. Throughout the year, the Flyers do promotional events to reach out to the fans, and really interact with them. They are very goodwill driven, because most of the time these players are doing this on their own time. I remember one time, being at the mall, there were two players signing autographs and taking photos with the fan. This organization loves to give back to their fans.
One of the biggest events they do every year, is the Flyers Wives Fight for Lives carnival. This year, it is their 40th anniversary of this event.  The Flyers wives Carnival is one of the oldest and most successful one-day events hosted by a professional sports franchise. The Flyers ives Fight for Lives Carnival is a genuine family affair that involves the participation of the Flyers’ players, management, staff, alumni, and friends. The first carnival was held February 1st, 1977. Later that year, one of the Flyers’ own, Barry Ashbee, died of Leukemia, with his death came a truly heartfelt focus to the Flyers Wives Carnival. This event offers families a fun-filled afternoon at a very reasonable price, all for a good cause. Fans have the opportunity to meet Flyers players on a very personal level and receive autographs and photos with players and alumni. Some of these activities include interactive games against players, shoot on goal, and even a Ferris Wheel and Carousel on ice!


This is a fantastic event held by the Flyers organization every year. Flyers Charities proudly supports a multitude of worthy non-profit organizations that provide educational and recreational resources to underserved youth, engage in important and medical research, and countless community development initiative throughout the Greater Philadelphia region. This one event is has tons of sponsors, which include: Comcast, Aramark, Toyota, AAA, ADP, Office depot, and so many others! Flyers charities have donated over $26 million to charity.

Another major thing in the Flyers organization is the Ed Snider Hockey Club. They draw students from 349 different schools, and have devoted to over 14,226 academic hours. There are currently 3000+ kids enrolled in the Hockey Club, and it continues to get bigger every year. Snider Hockey provides academic services, a nationally acclaimed life-skills curriculum, mentoring, and structured athletic programs that offer underserved urban youth the opportunity to engage in safe, healthy, and challenging activities that teach and breed success.

Along with 5k Runs that help support breast cancer, and other charities, the Philadelphia Flyers is one of the leading organizations when it comes to goodwill. All of the events they host and mentor are about giving back to the community and the people who aren’t as gifted as others. Its always a great thing when organizations like this take such pride in the events they promote and do across their community. That is how you really get fans to stay loyal to you, and people to really love your organization.



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