Sports Marketing with Millennials

Sport Marketing has completely changed over the past 20 years. Before, it was all about winning and history. Now, with a new batch of consumers in the market, you must take a different approach. The new batch of consumers are called millennials. A millennial is a person reaching young adult hood in the early 21st century. These types of consumers, have a whole different mind set. They like sexy color uniforms, half-time performances, media give-aways, and a ton of other things. The video I posted below, shows the entire side of sport marketing with mileennials.

In this presentation, Michael focused on content creation, fan engagement, brand building, and revenue generation. He is the Digitial Platforms leader, and Vice President of the Milwaukee Bucks. The main goal of what he performs every night, is to make sure that the fans who attend a Buck’s game have an unforgettable experience. In the video he describes a spectrum of Buck’s fans. The first one is the heavy user, the person who plays fantasy sports and really likes basketball. The second one is the casual consumer who comes to games but not too often. The last one is the very casual fan, who comes out for the entertainment, or because a friend brought them.

Their target is to make sure that the Buck’s grow their audience, and make them come back through digital platform. Since the millenial’s are so media-oriented, they really target media hard. From fan give-aways, to fan interaction with players, keeping the fans interested and connected is the most important part. Buck’s basketball is going through a youth movement, which fits well with the type of consumers in the market currently.

I really found this presentation very interesting, because of how marketing is changing rapidly. Also, listening to first-hand experience from a professional is currently ruling the market. From the presentation, I took away 2 really important things. The first one, is how he explained the business side of the Buck’s cant determine whether or not they will lose their next basketball game. They can only grow the brand, keep constant fan-engagement and growing consumers. These factors can help keep the team alive, even if they are not winning as much as the fans wish they would. The second important factor I got from this presentation, is that there is a real youth movement going on in the NBA. With the new uprising players from different countries, the NBA is really pushing hard and marketing to the youth. Also, they are very strong Nationally, because of the diversity of players in the NBA. Over 100 players currently in the NBA are from another country. So, the NBA has pushed hard on a national level, like having games in London. Trying to scout out these players from other countries really takes time and money. Now that the NBA is growing, it is becoming much easier, and they are finding these international players who have turned into NBA stars.

Overall, the sport marketing world is rapidly growing, especially with a youth movement. The Buck’s use their best assets like Jabari Parker, and the Greek Freak, to really push hard at millenials. The average age of the bucks is 23.3 years old, which is in the timeframe of a millennial. So, this is the marketing approach the Buck’s use to grasp the millenial’s attention and really market to them.



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