The Power of Pogba

Paul Pogba, one of the most iconic football players in the world. He has recently teamed up with Adidas soccer to create some sick boots. The commercial I posted above, is the start of his endorsement with Adidas.  This is a great marketing plan because it uses external and internal factors to influence the buyer’s purchase behavior.

Firstly, Paul Pogba is 23 year old French soccer sensation. He began his career at Juventus Football club,  where he tore up the league. He was then transferred to the premier league on a 89million euros contract, which was a world record. Manchester United are currently 6th in the table in the premier league. It hasn’t been the season everyone was expecting out of Pogba, but in his first season from transferring from a different country, what do you expect? He has been average in most appearances for Manchester United. Especially with the amount of money he was transferred for. So why did adidas decide to use Pogba as an icon for their soccer boots? Just look at the commercial it’s awesome! They decided to use a slogan and called it “I’m here to create”. So, adidas used Pogba, a sports icon in the soccer world. Using a athlete on a commercial has showed wonders for the sports marketing world. Just look at the contract Nike gave Lebron James, close to 1 billion dollars.  Giving the brand an identity with Pogba, helps influence fans to purchase cleats made by adidas.

Also, this commercial also aims at people of the French descent. Some of the words spoken are French. This aims at a huge number of people, because France is a huge soccer country. They are always competing at the World Cup, and making it to the final rounds. Everyone in France knows the name Pogba, so they will be familiar with his name.

Using the learning theory, this commercial uses emotional and environmental influences. Towards the end of the commercial, you can hear the crowd chanting Pogba’s name. This targets emotions because at that moment of time, when you are chanting his name, you feel an emotion. A passion for the player, and the football club.  Also, the commercial uses an environmental influence by placing the video in France. In parts, Pogba is playing through the streets and fields of France. This helps target consumers in France because they are familiar with the location, and become comfortable with the product.

Overall, this commercial by Adidas was a step in the right direction. They have targeted a lot of consumers by this commercial, and the endorsement of Paul Pogba. Tagged up with the words “I’m here to create” so I guess we can expect a lot of things coming from Adidas that has Pogba’s name written all over it. To be honest, im excited to see what they bring to the table. As the millennial’s get older, this is the kind of environment they will be buying from. The Young, and trending sports superstars or national icons.


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