An introduction!


Hello! My name is Tyler Gleason and I am a sports business major here at West Virginia Wesleyan College. I am a senior, soccer player from New Jersey. I am currently a soccer player here at the beautiful campus of West Virginia Wesleyan College. I also enjoy playing basketball and hockey.  The purpose of this blog is to inform and discuss controversial  sports topics. Also, to show my audiences I really know what  I am talking about. Everyday, there is some new important news in the sports industry. Whether  its the Charges moving back to Los Angeles, or the Cleveland Cavaliers making a big trade for Kyle Korver.  I am a die hard sports fan, growing up I was a Philadelphia everything fan. I remember as a little boy, I would go to all types of sporting events in Philadelphia. Every Christmas, thanksgiving, we were on the couch, watching football, basketball, and other events. When it comes to College basketball and football, I always watch these exciting games. My favorite college basketball team is the Villanova Wildcats! I remember the days when they had Scottie Renolds, and they were killing it! Did you know that they just won the National Championship last year? For college football, the multi billion dollar industry, I follow the Penn State Nitany Lions. If you weren’t aware, they just lost in the Rose Bowl a couple weeks ago. Sports are in my blood, and I think I will be an athelete my whole life. Whether I’m playing in the Sunday league, or an all-adult league, you will find me on the court, field, or pitch!

So, with my degree, and my minor in communications, I really want to work somewhere in the sports world. From being an inside reporter for FOX sports or ESPN, to broadcasting and developing marketing strategies for professional teams. I really enjoy talking about any sport, and I have a lot of knowledge on any sport! I hope to find myself one day behind a microphone, discussing, talking, and arguing about sports. My dream job would to work for CSN Philadelphia, reporting live from the locker rooms, post game shows, and insider information about any team! I feel like I would make a good analyst or reporter because I never back down. I will bring my passion to any job or function I am at, and I feel like that will put me above the rest.

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One thought on “An introduction!”

  1. I enjoyed reading your post, Tyler. You’re a great writer, and this blog will help you get even better. With the degrees you are working toward, this will really be very beneficial to you. I hope you really jump into this and go above the requirements. pc


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